Dad of kids murdered alongside mum and grandma breaks silence after 21 years

The father of two children murdered alongside their mother and grandmother has broken his 21-year silence to speak of the devastating impact of the crimes.

Mandy Power, 34, her bed-ridden mother Doris Dawson, 80, and her daughters Katie, 10, and Emily, eight, were found dead by firefighters at their home in Clydach, near Swansea, in June 1999.

All four had been bludgeoned to death with a pole before their house was set on fire.

Former builder David Morris was jailed for a minimum of 32 years having been convicted for a second time of their murders in 2006.

An earlier conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal when a second trial was ordered.

Michael Power, who had married Ms Power in 1986 before the marriage broke down, said: “It’s been a harrowing 21 years for my family and I.

“I have never felt the need to make a public statement because it has allowed me to grieve in private but I feel now is the time on behalf of the Power family to speak out.

“I would personally like to thank the emergency services that attended that night.

“I miss my girls every day and not a day goes by that I don’t think about them.
“Time is not a great healer, that I do know.

“I have been very fortunate to have a supportive family who have respected my wishes throughout my grieving.

“It never gets any easier.

“Both trials ended with the same verdict which we believe as a family was the right decision.”

Mr Power was speaking ahead of the broadcasting of the BBC Wales Investigates programme this week which claims it has new evidence which questions the safety of the conviction of Morris.

He was arrested after the finger of suspicion wrongly pointed to Ms Power’s lover Alison Lewis.

Former policewoman Ms Lewis and her former husband Stephen, an officer with South Wales Police, were arrested on suspicion of murder a year after the deaths.

Mr Lewis’s brother Stuart, also a police officer, was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

They were all released without charge.

Mrs Dawson was beaten to death with a heavy fibreglass pole. When Mandy and her daughters arrived home, they were killed in identical, sadistic fashion.

Morris sexually assaulted and killed Ms Power before inflicting devastating head injuries on her daughters.

He then washed his clothes in the shower before starting several fires around the house to try to cover his tracks.

When firefighters and the police arrived they found the bodies of the victims laid out in the hall.

Found at the scene was a bloodstained gold necklace which Morris eventually admitted was his.

He claimed, however, it was broken and he’d left it in Ms Power’s house after going around there for a coffee.

His murder trial heard how someone had bought Morris a new chain on his behalf, and how Morris had rubbed it in cement and damaged the clasp to make it look more like his old one.

Three others were arrested and questioned before Morris was eventually charged with the murders, and convicted in 2002.

That conviction was later quashed by the Court of Appeal after it found he had not received a fair trial due to a conflict of interest.

In their statement released today the family of Doris and Mandy state: “In June, 1999, our mother Doris, sister Mandy and our nieces Katie and Emily were cruelly taken from us and contrary to books, campaigns and media coverage claiming him to be innocent the person who committed these murders was David George Morris.